I joined Uber in 2018 after becoming more and more passionate about tech. Once I started working there, I realized how fun, interesting and important it is to work on a product that impacts people's lives everyday in a huge way.

I love thinking about how new technologies can solve problems in our lives today and, while cliche, am partial to opinions like these. I believe improving technology is a moral imperative (Tyler Cowen heavily influenced me on this) and I'm particularly interested in solving the problems where we have stagnated in the West.

Sector wise, I'm interested in AI and consumer tech, particularly marketplaces, fintech, healthcare, health/wellness, education, transportation, food delivery, and real estate.


I first discovered this passion in high school. I remember stumbling upon fascinating Econ blogs like Marginal Revolution, TheMoneyIllusion, and FT Alphaville, and becoming obsessed with trying to figure out how the economy and the financial markets worked. After majoring in economics, I ended up turning my passion into a job in research at Morgan Stanley. I love studying macroeconomics because it's a study of how the world works, yet there is so much still left to be understood. I love thinking about debating things like monetary policy, economic growth and inflation.

Financial Markets

I spent 4 years doing sell-side investment research on currencies and interest rates. I learned a lot about how financial markets actually work and loved the intellectual challenge of trying (and often failing) to beat the market. I still enjoy following and researching the markets today, and (of course) reading Matt Levine’s daily newsletter.

Transportation and building better cities

Having worked at Uber, I’ve thought a lot about transportation, particularly in cities. It’s hard not to walk around NYC and see all the squandered potential from a lack of progress on transportation. Our commute times are longer than ever, our public transportation infrastructure has barely changed over the last few decades, and we have struggled to build a simple subway extension. Articles like this get me excited, as do projects like these.


I have been a vegan for three years for ethical reasons. I believe factory farming is a moral stain on our society and advocate for more ethical choices in our food system. My friends call me a proselytizer because I offer to buy everyone I meet a free copy of “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer, and diligently follow through on any requests. But seriously, let me know if you want a copy!